‘Behind The Folder’ with Celebrant, Allan Kidd

In our new ‘Behind The Folder’ feature, we explore the persona and background of who the celebrant is, their career, family, hobbies and generally learn more about our team. It was our very own Allan Kidd who suggested this one so it just had to be him to kick things off. Over to you Allan……………………..

I was brought up in Linlithgow and very proud of the town and its people. I love the annual Riding of the Marches and was privileged enough to be asked to speak last year at the Lady Provost’s breakfast for some 200 local invited guests and dignitaries.

I attended Linlithgow Academy and in a recently viewed school report the history teacher wrote ‘when Allan manages to stay awake he does some quite good work’ school was not for me!

I have worked for 20 years in social care with young adolescents who have social, emotional and behavioural challenges and have been in care. My roles have included training manager, senior manager, director and direct practitioner.

When I turned 40 I decided to leave all that behind and started work as a funeral celebrant independently. During that time I started working in a contact centre and I’m now an operations manager within Heineken UK ‘s contact centre. My dream job is, of course, chief taster!

I have been married to Vicky for almost 15 years, have a stepson Jamie who is 21 and twin girls who are 10. They were conceived through the modern medical marvel of IVF but mother nature seemed to have her own thoughts as only one embryo was transferred back and it split into two all by itself!

The latest addition to the family is Louis the cocker spaniel who we met and fell in love with last year when Yvonne Hannah’s dog Skye had a litter.

I love being a celebrant. Sharing people’s happiest moments is amazing, but also to support people at the saddest times too is a great privilege.

For holidays we love Cornwall and spending time in Scotland camping.

As a graduate of the UKCAPSA Diploma, Allan said

“The course was a great source of information on all the skills and knowledge you need to be successful but more than that the tutors were always on hand to support you which really set you up for success.”

Feeling inspired? Want to train and become a qualified celebrant?


Allan Kidd
Allan Kidd