Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Diploma qualify me to conduct legal ceremonies?
Yes. The law in Scotland and Northern Ireland allows Celebrants to legally marry a couple. This is not the case in England and Wales currently.  To be able to conduct a legal ceremony in Scotland or NI you do need to be affiliated with a recognised belief body that can provide you with a Licence.

2. You are based in Scotland. How will I get support if I am based in England, Wales or Northern Ireland?
Although our head-office is in Scotland, our support team, travel across the country and offer the same support regardless of your location.

3. What happens at the end of my course?
After successful completion of the course you will be provided with advice to support you with the next steps.

The Diploma will allow you to work as an Independent Celebrant or you can approach organisations to seek any available opportunities to become a legal Marriage Officer.

4. Can I work as an Independent Celebrant?
Our Diploma does give you the skills to work independently*. As you will be running your own business we highly recommend that you also undertake the Celebrant Marketing Course and you’ll have to think about a Website and understand all the ins and outs of running a business.
(*To perform legal marriage ceremonies you will need to be affiliated with a belief body that can issue legal marriage licences. Scotland and Northern Ireland only.) 

5. How much does a Celebrant earn?
This would depend on how many and what type of ceremonies you perform. Self-marketing on your own social media and other channels is also essential. It’s simple, the more effort you put in, the more bookings you will receive. A Part Time Celebrant can earn in the region of £16,000. 

6. What is the qualification and where is it recognised?
The UK Celebrant and Public Speaking Diploma is an internationally recognised qualification provided by the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority).

This Diploma gives the credibility and status of having been trained professionally and demonstrates that you are able to perform at the highest level.  The Diploma is designed to not only enhance candidates’ skills and knowledge, but it also defines the standards of competence required of a celebrant.

After decades operating as celebrants, the team at UKCAPSA have developed this comprehensive training course covering the skills needed by celebrants.  We train celebrants to the highest of standards.

In recognising the Diploma, SQA have accredited UKCAPSA as a training Centre.  SQA have rigorously audited staff, reference materials, learning materials, assessment materials, equipment and accommodation needed to deliver, assess and internally verify the UKCAPSA Diploma.  UKCAPSA continues to be subject to external audits by SQA.

7. Do I need to train to become a Celebrant?
If conducting Legal ceremonies the Registrar General will look for evidence of training that has been completed by the Celebrant.

To become an independent celebrant there is no legal requirement to complete any formal training, however we strongly advise that you invest in our Diploma which will provide all the skills needed to be successful in your new role.

8. Am I able to shadow a Celebrant during my training?
Our expert assessors, who are practicing celebrants themselves, are on hand during allocated tutor time to support you. Shadowing is not available as part of the Diploma.

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