Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The popular phrase ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ could almost certainly feature in a list of skin-crawling business clichés.  It would no doubt be sandwiched somewhere between the likes of ‘bring your A-game’ and ‘thinking outside the box’.  That said, even though we can barely bring ourselves to type it (let alone say it out aloud), we actually FULLY subscribe to the murderous motto!

If you’re familiar with our blogs and social media posts, you’ll know that we make frequent reference to “Team Fuze” and the “Fuziliers”.  That’s because, although Team Fuze is made up of a squad of sensational self-employed Celebrants (plus a number of equally awesome office staff), we also very much pride ourselves on being a close-knit team.  We believe that being part of a team is incredibly beneficial to Celebrants, not only in terms of productivity and success, but also for overall wellbeing and mental health.

As rewarding and freeing as it is to become a stand-alone Celebrant, many independents have told us over the years that they truly miss being part of a team and the plethora of benefits it brings.  If this is your reality or you’re considering starting a brand-new Celebrant career, why not have a think about joining Team Fuze?  Once a Celebrant graduates from our innovative online training academy, he or she will be welcomed to join the Fuze team and will enjoy significant benefits.

So, what are you waiting for?  Here’s why you should join Team Fuze:

Fuziliers ROCK!

Team Fuze are chosen for their creativity, energy, personality and their genuine love of life, so who wouldn’t want a piece of that in their life?  In joining the team, newbies will be warmly welcomed into a super-friendly Celebrant squad that endeavours to offer support wherever possible.  Although we’re spread out all over the country, the team frequently make time to meet up, both virtually and face-to-face, and it’s ALWAYS great fun!

Back it Up

Fuze Celebrants can relax in the knowledge that they won’t have to limp into a ceremony with a broken leg!  At Fuze, we pride ourselves on having a comprehensive back-up system, so if the worst happens and a member of the team becomes unwell or has an emergency, another of the Celebrants will easily be able to step in at the last minute and perform the ceremony.

Website!  What Website?

One of the biggest challenges in setting up as a Celebrant is getting your name out there, and in 2020 clients expect a business, no matter what the size, to have a website.  In joining Team Fuze, newbie Celebrants will feature on the traffic-heavy Fuze Ceremonies website, meaning that there’s no need to incur the stress and costs associated with setting up and hosting your very own website.  The Fuze Ceremonies website is unique insofar as clients can simply click the date and location of their ceremony and voila! Up pops a list of available Celebrants complete with their bios and links to reviews, social media pages and the all important ‘book now’ icon.

Be-Gone Boring Bits

Being part of Team Fuze means you really do get the best of both worlds.  Celebrants can enjoy all the perks of being self-employed (freedom, working at your own pace etc) without the stress of having to consider the many awkward elements of self-employment, such as invoicing and chasing money!  This part of the job is left in the very capable hands of Fuze HQ, enabling Celebrants to get on with what they’re brilliant at, creating and delivering sensational scripts!

Marketing & Branding

As with the website, we strive to get our social media channels and branding noticed.  In doing so, we divert lots of traffic to the website where potential clients will find YOU!   

Personal Development & Support

When it comes to personal development and support, we’ve got you covered! After a Celebrant graduates from the academy, they’re not simply forgotten about.  Not only will newbies get instant access to our incredible resource library, they will also be offered the chance to enjoy numerous workshops, talks, meetings and more.