Ten Reasons Why Every Couple Should Consider a Humanist Wedding Ceremony

There are far too many magical moments that occur along the celebrant/couple journey to list, but without question, one of the pinnacle points occurs when, after months and even years of getting to know our delightful duos, we get to propel them full force into the dizzying heights of newlywed-ness. It really NEVER gets old!

There is, however, another hugely rewarding moment that almost always occurs at wedding ceremonies and it’s known in the biz as the ‘Post-Humanist Ceremony High’.  The Post-Humanist Ceremony High reveals itself in the direct afterglow of a ceremony where enthusiastic wedding guests confide in the celebrant that:  “this was the first Humanist wedding ceremony I’ve attended and I’m completely converted, it was perfect” or “that ceremony was SOOO Sarah & Jack” or even “I deeply regret my Church ceremony now”.  These declarations are EVERYTHING to a celebrant because it means they’ve brought the magic, reflected the couple and created a ceremony that guests will talk about for years to come; and it’s these electric L.U.R.V.E vibes that are behind the huge 1372% increase in the number of couples choosing to enjoy Humanist wedding ceremonies!

We know, you probably think we’re being wildly biased, but if you still need convinced, here are ten legit reasons why we think every couple should consider a Humanist wedding ceremony:   

The Sky’s the Limit

It’s true, when it comes to Humanist wedding ceremonies, the sky really is the limit.  Couples can get legally married ANYWHERE they like in Scotland, even above the clouds on the top of a mountain.  With this in mind, why not choose a ceremony location that will add a little extra meaning or personality to the big day.  We’ve married couples in the restaurant where they enjoyed their first date or in gardens/parks/beaches that hold a million childhood memories?  If you’re a particularly outdoorsy couple, why not pull on your walking boots and head out into the midst of an isolated glen?  With Humanist wedding ceremonies, the world of venues and ceremony locations is your oyster!

Nevis Range Ceremony by Hamish Frost Photography

Be Gone Boring Ceremonies!

With no set script or format, couples can embrace singing, dancing, pet ring-bearers, music, symbolic gestures and SO MUCH MORE.  Humanist wedding ceremonies can be fun, fun, fun!

Packed with Personality

Humanist Celebrants are trained to guide couples into injecting more or less anything that screams their personality and relationship into their ceremony. Humanist ceremonies are all about a couple’s love story and every single word within a ceremony script is crafted with this in mind.  From personal vows, meaningful readings and sharing the couple’s journey together, the couple in question are ALWAYS at the heart of the ceremony.

It’s the 21st Century Baby!

The rise of Humanist wedding ceremonies is a reflection of the modern world we’re living in.  With Church congregations in the UK at an all-time low, couples are shunning religious wedding ceremonies with the traditional trappings at a super-fast rate.  In fact, in 2018 only 28% of Scottish wedding ceremonies were religious, compared with a whopping 49% of couples who chose to embrace a happy Humanist ceremony.

Aliza Razell Photography at Kelburn Castle

Scottish Symbolism

If you’re marrying in Scotland, what better way to embrace the country that will host your big day than by incorporating a Scottish symbolic gesture into the mix?  From the ancient celtic marriage rituals of hand fasting, drinking from the quaich and the oathing stone ceremony to the hilarious ceremony finale of broom jumping, it’s all to play for!

Yes to same-sex  

At its heart, marriage should be a pure unadulterated love-fest and Humanists couldn’t give a fig about a couple’s sexual orientation. What’s important is that they are OBSESSED (in the non-creepy sense) with each other.

A Family Affair  

For lots of couples, having loved ones by their side on their big day is a big deal.  Therefore, why not get them involved?  Humanist ceremonies are WIDE OPEN to inclusion!  Children can be included in loads of different symbolic gestures, friends and family members can give readings, sing songs or play an instrument and much-loved pets can be ring-bearers or flower girls.  Anything or anyone goes.

Avoid Unnecessary Drama  

Humanist ceremonies can be a fabulous way of diffusing family tension.  If, for instance, each strand of a couple’s family have different religious beliefs, a Humanist wedding ceremony offers the perfect religious-neutral solution.  If a couple has a specific familial issue that they’re worried about, we would advise couples to be open and honest with their celebrant about their concerns as it is likely that they will be able to work towards creating a script that will work for everybody.  If all else fails, because a Humanist wedding ceremony means you can marry anywhere, simply ELOPE!  Minimal stressful family drama. MAXIMUM romance.

Silver Photography

Fuziliers are the Best  

Team Fuze are chosen for their creativity, energy, personality and their genuine love of life.  Each and every member of the team has benefited from a comprehensive celebrant training, mentoring and development programme as well as being fully insured and disclosure checked.

You’re Being Charitable 

The Humanist ethos is centred around being kind and treating everyone, no matter who, with equality, respect and compassion, therefore, you can rest assured that the person who will be marrying you is a good soul! Furthermore, the majority of Humanist ceremony providers tirelessly fundraise in an effort to give back to society.

Here at Fuze Ceremonies, we established the not-for-profit Fuze Foundation with the aim of raising awareness of funeral poverty and supporting bereaved families by offering Humanist ceremonies free of charge.  Over the years we have raised thousands of pounds for CHAS (The Children’s hospice), Break Through Breast Cancer and Lochaber Hope just to name a few.  By choosing to have your ceremony with Fuze, you will help us with our continued support of charities like these and to provide free Funeral Ceremonies for those in need.