UKCAPSA Diploma Graduate, Glasgow based Humanist Celebrant and local Radio DJ Alan Edwards shares what inspired him to take the leap!

I had experienced reading at family funerals and weddings and felt a great deal of satisfaction from doing both. My friends said to me, “you would be great at that, why don’t you do it?”

In October 2021, when searching for a venue myself after getting engaged to my beautiful (now) wife, Kerry, we visited a wedding fair at the Bowfield Hotel and Spa in Howwood, where we met Fuze Celebrant Thomas Slavin. As well as getting the lowdown from him on the Big Day itself, I also enquired about the UKCAPSA Diploma. I wasted no time in getting in touch with the team and by November, I was signed up!

At the time I was working part time at Radio Clyde, pre-recording radio shows, so I had the time and head space to tackle the training course. The course is built around you, you study at your own pace and in your own time. The course tutors are always on hand for help and guidance, and as long as you complete all of the units within your 6-month window, you are all good!

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The training challenged me, but it was easy to follow, Onefile is a great online learning system that allows you to easily keep track of where you are and communicate with your tutor easily. One unit is released at a time, and it certainly didn’t feel like I was being examined, not in the same sense as a school exam anyway!

Why did I want to become a Celebrant? I started to think about what was the long-term thing for me in my life, what will I get the most enjoyment out of? I thought to myself, I have lots of transferrable skills and I talked myself into it.

When I spoke at a radio colleague’s funeral in 2019, that was the real catalyst for me. I mean I speak for a living as a DJ, but delivering a ceremony in front of grieving family, work colleagues and your bosses is incredibly intimidating! But I wanted to do it for my friend and colleague who was no longer with us. It felt like an enormous achievement and gave me a bit of closure, along with the feeling that I had helped bring closure to my colleague’s family too.

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On completing the course and graduating as a professional Celebrant, it felt brilliant! When that certificate dropped through the letter box from the SQA, I was literally over the moon! I have the certificate framed, on the wall and I feel immense pride, every time I look at it. I knew I had pushed myself out of my comfort zone, away from what I knew and the recognition for having done that was fantastic!

I conducted my very first wedding ceremony on 20th July 2022 at Cottiers in Glasgow, and I will never forget it! I was super nervous, but I knew I had a job to do!

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It went beautifully and I will never forget that pure rush of adrenaline, the buzz, the excitement, I’ve done it… I have married people! I was on a high all night, we had dinner out the back at home then kicked back with a beer and I watched the rest of the golf open with a huge smile on my face! Just brilliant!

I plan to be a Celebrant forever; Humanist ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular, as a career there is most certainly longevity in it.

I am currently working part time around my new job at Central FM and I love that I have the freedom to choose how I manage my ceremonies diary. I have complete control and can work it around my existing commitments. I just love it!

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Alan Edwards
Alan Edwards

UKCAPSA Graduate and Humanist Celebrant