UKCAPSA Founder, Anne Widdop shares her motivation for establishing the celebrant training academy

Anne Widdop,
Founder, Course Designer and Developer

Two decades ago, I embarked on an unplanned journey into the world of celebrancy, beginning with the most challenging ceremony I would ever conduct: my mother’s funeral.

The process of writing and delivering her eulogy, though heart-wrenching, ignited a desire to share a little of her life story. I was fed up being at funerals where nothing of the persons life was celebrated and was passionate in my desire for my mums funeral to break this mould.

This poignant experience unexpectedly paved the way for my future career, as requests for my assistance with funerals started from family and friends.

It was at a pivotal moment, seeking a change from my role as a Global Director at IBM, so I founded Fuze Ceremonies in 2012. It was a radical departure from a career in tech!

My motivation for establishing Fuze stemmed from a concern over the lack of professionalism and standards among Celebrants, who often operated independently without adequate training, insurance, backup, support, or adherence to a professional code of conduct.

In the early stages of Fuze Ceremonies, it became apparent that merely offering a training course for Celebrants was insufficient. I envisioned a more comprehensive approach, encompassing professional training in scriptwriting, public speaking, and public engagement.

This vision led to the endorsement of our training course by a leading external body, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), marking a significant achievement after years of dedicated effort.

In 2019, both UKCAPSA and the Diploma course received official recognition from the SQA, a milestone that fills me with immense pride. The success of our training centre and the accredited qualification obtained by our trainees stand as a testament to our collective hard work and dedication.

To this day, UKCAPSA holds the distinction of being one of only two Celebrant qualifications available in the UK and the sole recognized qualification in Scotland, a testament to our commitment to elevating the standards of celebrancy.

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Anne Widdop
Anne Widdop

Founder, Course Designer and Developer