UKCAPSA Trainer and Assessor, Debbie Daly Talks about her Celebrant Journey

Debbie Daly Celebrant, Trainer and Assessor

Debbie Daly  
(Based in South Lanarkshire, Scotland)

I love helping and supporting people to achieve what they want in life. I have worked in the voluntary sector for many years, supporting families through very challenging situations.

I knew weddings had changed and I love how in a Humanist marriage ceremony, the couple are in charge and can choose whatever they want.


But I also knew that they would need guidance and support to navigate their way through the process.

I knew I could be the person do that, I just had to learn about the process and the legal side of things myself first.

I looked around and discovered the SQA course run by UKCAPSA which teaches you about conducting ceremonies and the legal process – the perfect opportunity!

It’s the best thing I could have ever done! You get to work with people who are in a happy place, in stunning venues, couples all beautifully dressed in their wedding outfits, I just love my job.

The couple are taking a massive milestone in life, a public declaration of their love for each other with their nearest and dearest around them.

For me, it’s just another avenue of empowering people to get them where they want to be, it’s all about them, their hopes and their dreams.

Now, I also help aspiring celebrants to learn everything that they need to embark on their own individual celebrant journeys.

Feeling inspired? Want to train to become a qualified celebrant?


Debbie Daly
Debbie Daly

Celebrant and UKCAPSA Trainer and Assessor